What we will do:

Fire safety engineering can often call upon additional consultation from several experts to confirm a design ensuring risks are as low as reasonably practicable.A peer review service may be requested for existing, submitted or conceptual designs. Our review service allows you to upload your design via our secure server. To request this service contact us on +44 (0)7803 518035 or fill in the contact form.

Peer review report offers:

  • Detailed report but not limited to, marking / sketching upon
    the design where areas of concern and improvements might be
    considered, the materials used, the travel distances and safe path
    to a final exit, passive and active measures etc.
  • Verbal Communication, alternatively verbal comments can be
    provided over the telephone based on pro-former half hourly rate

Working with you to make your environment safer!




Illustrating the measures considered and what is required to comply with applicable country code.

Guidance (If applicable)

Provide support to facilitate the design based on applicable code, scientific understating and fire engineering principles.


Produce information under a non-disclosure agreement ensuring documentation produced is for that of the client only.

Planning (If applicable)

Further assist in the development of the design with client meetings, based on either an hourly rate or fixed fee.

Monitoring / Training (If applicable)

Provide construction monitoring during implementation, commissioning and hand over stages and end-user training.