What we will do:

Fire safety management of a building encompasses the occupants, the use and the services within, including control of contractors. FIRE Consultancy can develop or assess existing fire safety management policies and procedures for all building and risk types to ensure operational if and when called upon.

All development or assessment of plans offer:

  • Bespoke plans, encompassing your unique business risks, where applicable a comprehensive review of existing policies and procedures including reporting impairment of safety systems
  • Control of ignition sources, review and or development of
    permit to work systems controlling contractor works in particular
    hot works and static generated charges
  • On going review, Provide your business with the skillsets
    necessary to maintain fire safety measures, systems, policies, and
    implement ongoing recommendations to established procedures

Working with you to make your environment safer!




Such as, in England and Wales The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requiring The Responsible Person to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment.

Guidance (If applicable)

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASWA) “Duty of care to employees & visitors” The Control of Major Accident Hazards, (COMAH) “Take all necessary measures to prevent major accidents involving dangerous substances”.


Produce and or update your facility CAD site plans and management emergency action plans.


Assist management with action plans and capital budget expectations for the improvements.


Human behavior, provide staff with an understanding for the risk and prevention measures.