What we will do:

Businesses often expand through acquisition of existing businesses and as such acquire property.
F.I.R.E. Consultancy is proficient in carrying out due diligence site surveys providing a gap analyses identifying areas which, later might require capital expenditure to bring the fire safety
measures up to code compliance.

All due diligence site surveys offer:

  • Detailed analysis of the site, (where areas are accessible) a full site survey report will be produced illustrating any areas or items of concern that do not comply with the applicable fire safety country code and or require cost to improve to current standards, insurance or new owner / company requirements

Working with you to make your environment safer!




Gap analysis illustrating the measures in place and what is required to comply with applicable country code.

Guidance (If applicable)

Provide support to facilitate the improvements necessary including CAD drawings, specification writing and tender evaluations for fire safety improvements.


Produce information under a non-disclosure agreement ensuring documentation produced is for that of the client only.

Planning (If applicable)

Assist management with action plans and capital budget expectations for improvements.


Provide training to key staff to ensure ongoing compliance and upkeep of systems.