What we will do:

Legal cases related to fire or where a fire has caused a fatality often call upon professional opinions across a wide range of fire safety matters such as;

  • Building design including access, means of egress and materials used in construction
  • Resistive performance of materials
  • Installation of systems and compliance
  • Review of site management plans and risk assessments
  • Establish likely point of origin and cause
  • Fire dynamics calculations to demonstrate mass rate of burning, air consumed, how the fire behaved and moved through a building

Whatever the requirement, a free initial consultation is available
Please contact info@fireconsultancy.co.uk or Jason +44 (0) 7803 518 035

We would be pleased to work with you and your team to form a professional opinion establishing a hypothesis allowing for an informed determination of the facts

Working with you to make your environment safer!




Gain an understanding for the event using material science; fire engineering principles
science and pervious case law.


Work independently or provide support, forming part of your team.


Produce information that is clear to understand.


Provide advice to the relevant authority at the early stages of the case and review witness
statements that may assist questioning structure at later stages.


Further analysis can be produced using computational fluid dynamics. Modeling the building or environment illustrating smoke moment, flame spread and people movement.